About Us

GPSS China aims to be an influential supplier in the industrial pipes fields, manufacturing and distributing to the global markets granting assured delivery time, quality controls and constant feedback.

Our work team has been in pipeline fields for more than ten years and our experience as a foreigner company in China date from 1995. With our accumulated experience and resources during all this years we established a quick response, regulation and quality control system which grants speed and reliability in our process, providing to you a service quality that reduces the risks and costs of buying in Mainland China.

In the last years we grew and moved on from carbon steel pipe lines in order to add a new range of products related to metals due to the advantages of having our main Head Quarters in China. We expect to continue growing and creating new bonds between us and new markets around the world expanding the potential of Chinese production binding it together with a world class quality service.

Your decisions in our hands will always be safe.

Our Clients